Hrc/ Conti Hepburn Springs, & Fairyland via Kuranda FNQ

The charming Hepburn Retreat Centre/Continental House, Hepburn Springs Victoria, Australia. Fairyland river and rainforest.


Hepburn Retreat Centre Hepburn Springs

Fairyland House is being developed at Kuranda in Queensland, to enhance the welfare of patrons, and is a natural extension of our previous business interests, as Hepburn Retreat Centre / Continental House in Hepburn Springs, Victoria, which was developed over a 25 year period.

We have worked with numerous groups and facilitators usually in the Health and Healing modalities, but also with Schools and Private Interest Groups.  We can provide details of past activity if requested, so one can gauge the interactive nature and diverse range of groups with whom we have assisted.  We trust  our new location and business model will satisfy our existing clientele, and look forward to enquiries from new patrons as well.

Fairyland House is built on the site which housed the old stables of the now defunct Fairyland horse racing track.  Renowned for its garden surrounds, the Fairyland location was accessed from the train station at the end of Fairyland Road, and is the flattest land in Kuranda.  In the early 20th century, patrons would trvel to Fairyland from Kuranda, and take refreshments from various tea houses.  A boat crossed the Barron River to service the North-Eastern section of the rainforest.  The properties surrounding Fairyland House were traditionally horticultural ventures, with an exotic tropical fruit nursery both adjacent and opposite. The existing Barron River frontage below our property is not dissimilar from the above image!!

Rainforest at Fairyland
An art gallery operated for many years over the road; while the artist/printer and family constructed an interesting rambling structure reminiscent of an English country home.  Utilising a variety of recycled building materials, walls of ferro-cement and often filled with recycled books and other materials.  Many lychee trees line Fairyland Road, while fruiting jackfruit, rollinia, guava, mango, soursop, star apple, pomelo, carombola, pitaya, mulberry, Malay apple, avacado, coconut, citrus and pineapple can be had as the seasons progress.