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We offer a peaceful raw vegan spiritual life sanctuary with access to tropical rainforest and local activity.

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Fairyland House

Fairyland House is an eco-wellness and spiritual life sanctuary, operating as a rawfood vegan eco retreat, located in the hills above Cairns at Kuranda, in Far Northern Queensland.  The facility has undergone a 5 year development as a place of respite, offering food and casual accommodation to the traveller. A range of Escapes are available, with reservations and Bookings on line, or by telecom to Fairyland House reception on 07 4093 9194

Our residential Natural Living Programs may be accessed after an initial consultation; and provide an opportunity to experience and enjoy a longer stay on site. Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

With the introduction of our first Retreat in September 2016, we are now fully operational, and a series of Workshops and facilitated Retreats are programmed for 2019. See details of Sanctuary facilities, Accommodation and Conditions of Stay elsewhere on this site.

As part of a natural evolution and personal growth, we have slowly journeyed toward a Spiritual Focus as a central tenet of the Sanctuary activities. We are particularly keen to attract various facilitators and groups with an interest in spiritual practice, discussion and personal transformation.

We will be introducing changes into the presentation of the Facility soon, to reflect our increasing interest in the importance of Unity Consciousness, by offering our space and services more directly to spiritually inclined people, who may empathise and utilise the existing peaceful and endearing aspects of the Sanctuary; these can be accessed from our other site

The Fairyland House location in Kuranda, provides fresh air, pure water, an amenable year around warm climate, a rainforest setting, excellent local food sources, and a quiet and peaceful eco retreat environment.  We respect and value guest privacy, and these amenities enable an excellent opportunity for personal rest, relaxation and rejuvenation; essential ingredients that underpin self satisfaction and transformation.

The Sanctuary terrain is flat, around half of the five (5) acres is cleared, while the balance is rainforest.  A walking track on site provides direct access to the Barron River where swimming is possible at various times of the year.  The Kuranda outdoor public swimming pool is located within walking distance, and pleasant walking can be had along the no-through Fairyland Road and adjacent roads.

The Kuranda site also offers a central base to explore the beautiful and extensive tourist features of the Atherton Tablelands and Great Barrier Reef, with ready access to the larger Cairns metroplois, and a major international airport.


IVF9 Hepburn Springs



The vegan way offers the gift of life on a daily basis. The simple act of living without cruelty returns an overwhelming sense of peace and personal harmony. We support a world where respect, justice and freedom from exploitation is extended to all people and other animals. We promote the vegan way as a pre-requisite of sustainable living: we continue to explore a vegan cuisine and lifestyle in our ethical business ventures and personal lives.

We have a wealth of personal experience and knowledge about many things vegan, which we are happy to share, to assist patrons on their own vegan journey.  Refer to the Links on this website for general information; we will also respond to specific enquiries via Contact Us

Fairyland House management facilitated the 9th international Vegan Festival in Hepburn Springs, in 1998, which drew participants from some 14 countries. The festival venue, Continental House / Hepburn Retreat Centre in Hepburn Springs Victoria, continued to foster a gourmet vegan cuisine, and played an imortant role in the development of the vegan way until late 2013 when the venue was sold.  The festival chef Alexis has some 20 years experience serving vegan cuisine, and is available for Retreat catering at our Fairyland House venue upon request.

The vegan diet continues to gain popularity with life changing results, and with the advent of Fairyland House as a rawfood vegan tourist destination, the transition to a simpler, predominately local tropical fruits cuisine, can now be experienced on a daily basis.  Your host Zalan Glen and local dedicated rawfood helpers, will delight our eager Escape patrons and Workshop audience with a range of creative, natural living and rawfood vegan preparations.

Visit Fairyland House, our Vegan Life Sanctuary, and experience the benefits of the vegan way for yourself,

your host - zalan glen

Zalan worked as a consulting engineer for 20 years in both Australia and the U.K. prior to relocating to Hepburn Springs. His interest in wholistic health led to a vegan dietary in 1991-2, and the formative move to a rawfood focus in 1993. He continued with private studies, leading to a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies in 1998, a post graduate Certificate in Nutrition in 2004, and subsequently completed the ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayerveda) Yoga Teacher Training course in 2005.  More recently, training has included short courses in Thai Yoga Massage and Core Yoga.

As proprietor of Continental House and Hepburn Retreat Centre, he both witnessed and interacted with a broad range of philosophies and teachings, and a diversity of health and healing modalities during the last 25 years.  Zalan presently practises a daily yoga, mindfulness and vegan raw food regime, which together with Natural Hygiene and Nature Cure principals, form the context and foundation for Fairyland House activities and lifestyle.

Zalan, now a grandfather, maintains an active interest in wholistic thought and creative action, and a small library of books with various concepts of health science, philosophy and spirituality, which he is happy to share during your stay.  The Fairyland site is slowly gathering a variety of tropical and exotic fruit trees, and the sanctuary garden is being made available for maintenance, and as a teaching resource for pleasure and exercise.

The 'movement to stillness' is gradually arising here, and we look forward to sharing with you in our new venture, under the guise of Sramana Retreats, where we focus on the path of enquiry into Oneness in a pro active way.

I trust you will enjoy your stay, and I look forward to assisting you on the enquiry into self realisation, and improving your own health in a natural, peaceful way

Best Wishes In light, peace and health, Zalan