Wwoofa's, Workaway, Helpx members and Volunteers, welcome, Wwoof Host Number QU417

We appreciate your help in exchange for rawfood vegan meals and accommodation for 4 to 5 hours work per day.


Conti wwoofas

Wwoofa's (Willing workers on organic farms, Australia) are usually able to access the Sanctuary readily, so please complete the form below or phone us on 07 4093 9194. A great exchange system, helping extend the practice of community access around the world. Please note we usually swap about 4 -5 hours work /day, 6 days /week, and offer up to a week stay initially, which can sometimes be extended.

Food Matters (TED Radio Hour)Food Matters (TED Radio Hour)Food Matters (TED Radio Hour)

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Please note, that by completing the form, you are not automatically confirmed for wwoofing. Confirmation will depend on accommodation availability and current wwoofa volume.

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