rawfood vegan recipes @ fairylandhouse life spirit sanctuary

We provide regular raw food preparation workshops at Fairyland House, with the process and selection of a few recipes shown below.

The principals of meal compilation are straight forward; the major asset being ones preparedness to innovate with the produce available. If one starts with the ingredients at hand, the recipe and meal follow. We see recipes as a guide for preparation, not as a necessity in themselves.   Bon appetit!


Beetroot Dip

Beetroot Dip

Take 2 medium small beetroots, handful sunflower seeds, filtered water, 2 small lemons, preferred herb flavour, (fresh garden mint, oregano, tarragon for example), dash olive oil or avacado.


Cut beetroot into chunks to fit Vitamizer, add enough water to blend. Add sunflower seeds, quantity of herbs and lemon. May need to add more water to blend smoothe. Adjust taste with sunflower/herbs/lemon additions to suit palate. When ready, add a dash of olive oil and blend briefly to a smoother texture. Top with herbs used. Serve with a variety of main courses, salads etc. or just with celery or similar dipping vegetables.


Blend a handfulm of tarragon,1 stalk of celery incl leaves, 2 smallish tomatoes, half an orange, half a handful of sunflower seeds, some rocquet or tree lettuce or green stalks, to add some body.  Top up with zucchini or cucumber for bulking quantity. One clove garlic or a small amount of fresh onion stem if suitable.  Makes enough for one big self styled salad meal, or ok quantity for two people dipping.


Blended soups using seasonal or fruiting vegaetables with a herb or contrasting coloured topping are an attractive dish.  Numerous choices here, often simple combinations with distinct flavors are reliable and popular.  Complex dishes, which use kitchen leftovers for example, often surprise the palate, and confirm the disdain avant-garde chefs have for recipe book!

Try blended sweet corn with some diced sweet peppers and avo chunks.  Add a chopped mint or basil leaf or two.


Mains are usually either fruits or mixed vegatable salads.  Weather, emotional state, activity etc. all impact on our choice, however, select the meal type right for the moment, what you feel like.

Mains can also be stand up snacks, left overs, mono fruits, blended juices, special treats, sea vegetables with soaked and sprouted grains, or simply a platter of whole fruits or vegetables.  Making a dip or dressing to go with mains is always a taste test, with herbs or seasonal vegies.  The dip usually is made first and may even dectate the main meal ingredients.

Fruit Platter

Fruit Dinner

Fruits in season, whole or prepared.  A sweet sauce is often useful, from blended fruits.  Adding frozen fruit to a sauce blend changes the temperature and good in summer.

Raw Salads

Plated salads can be presented to view all ingredients on a dinner plate, either whole, prepared or a mixture of both.

Plated Salad

A mixed salad bowl may include all ingredients chopped into a single bowl, with accompanying greeen leaf or vegies, and a dip.

A leaf wrap is a house favorite.  Use cos lettuce or cabbage as a container, and heap bits into the leaf and fold like a wrap.  Add avacado and dip in the process.

Prepared salads, often with as little as 3 ingredients, can be constructed.  Suitable combinations are a citrus fruit diced,  a few nuts or seeds for texture, and a tasty or bland sliced vegetable or herb.  A typical example could be grapefruit, soaked peanuts, cucumber, tomato and lettuce leaf.

Raw  Salad

A salad soup is simply a selection of chopped and diced vegetables and salad fruits, with a runny dip poured over to fill the bowl, in lieu of using a separates dip.  Selection of herbs important so as to maintain flavors and not to overpower individual tastes.


Vegan Sorbet - Ice cream

Banana Sorbet

Frozen fruit, usually some banana; also strawberry, pineapple, blueberries, mango all taste good.


Insert peeled fruit in bags and freeze overnight, or maintain a stash in freezer. Use a CHAMPION Juicer or similar machine to prepare sorbet. A kitchen blender can be used, but will likely need to chop or dice fruit small, and maybe add filtered water to get the blending action happening.

Add as a topping to fruit salads, or serve as a favorite snack for self or guests. Can add to stick also for children sweets.

Raw Food Balls

Dry stuff: 1 Cup Almonds (150gm), 1 Cup Sunflower seeds, ½ Cup Walnuts, 2 heap tsp Raw carob powder ( cacao powder is stimulating!)

Moist stuff: 3 Cups Dried Sultanas, 1 Cup Dried Raisins, 1 Cup Medjool Dates (200gm)

Total weight 1.1 kg makes about 70 average size balls. Use Vitamix or similar blender.


Blend/mix dry ingredients together, then add fruit and reblend. Mix should be slightly sticky to roll. Adjust 'dry/moist,' (around 40/60%) content to suit. May need to blend in two portions, depending on blender. Hand roll to size then coat in coconut or other dry coating.  Fresh coconut in mix is delicious addition.

If using any fresh fruit or soaking fruit or dates, the balls will need to be refrigerated. Otherwise will last until you finish them!

Sweet Mousse

1 Banana, 1 Apple, 1 Young Coconut water and flesh, 1 dozen raw cashews, 1 small handful Sunflower Seeds, 2 Vanilla Beans,  2 teaspoons Carob (cacoa) powder,  2 Tablespoons ground Flax Seeds,  Filtered Water


One batch of this amount fits in a Vitamix Blender, and makes six servings. The flax will soak up heaps of water, and will continue to set. Decorate with blueberries or banana etc. and fresh grated old coconut, hemp or chia seeds. Can be in or on top. Can refrigerate, but eat within 24 hours.

Pistachio Coconut, Carob Banana Cream

One fresh drinking coconut, mid meat, 6 medjool dates, 4 sugar bananas, 1 heap tspoon carob powder, (or cacao).  Put in blender and add up to 2 small handfuls of pistachios to adjust final texture.  Topping for fruit platters or as a sweet.