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rawfood vegan catering @ fairylandhouse life spirit sanctuary

We specialise in the catering of a rawfood vegan cuisine to individuals and groups in residence at Fairyland House.  Our Dining Room can comfortably seat up to 20 people.
Menu construction and consultation with facilitators and guests, is a significant aspect of our services, as we integrate food with retreat activity, to complement workshops and retreats. We can also assist with facilitation of events. The gourmet vegan experience is very suitable for allergy and food intolerant patrons.

We can provide a catering service to facilitators and organisers of off-site functions.  We will be happy to discuss your needs, and provide assistance with menu choices and local seasonal fruit and vegatable choices.

Our chef will be pleased to oblige with your personal favorite dishes, and we look forward to discussing your catering needs.

rawglo natural health supplies

Our most recent venture is the production of raw food snacks, under the banner of RAWGLO Natural Health Supplies.  We offer a range of fruit straps and bliss balls, which are simply packaged and available in small quantities at a very reasonable price.  Enquire for more details.

Rawfood Cuisine

Mango Platter

Rawfood dishes, particularly salads, have a daily place on the meal table in most cultures.  Over the last ten to fifteen years though, rawfood preparations have taken on a new image, becoming synonomous with healthy eating and gourmet dining.  Globalisation is responsible for the distribution of a highly diverse range of food products.  The combination of a rapidly growing and creative menu selection, and strong interest amongst the younger generation in western countries, has led to marked changes in rawfood dietary intake.  The popularity of rawfoods in tourist destinations, capital cities and now regional areas, has spawned dedicated eateries and restaurants showcasing a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, greens, sweeteners, nuts and seeds.

Catering Kistchen

The American Natural Hygiens Society, a group known for their scientific approach to healthy eating and lifestyle, has recommended a high rawfood content as the basis for a nutritionally balanced dietary intake for over 50 years.  As well, in the realm of natural healing, a tradition grew up around the rawfood dietary, where the use of live food juices, fresh fruit and vegetable salads, sprouting of grasses and seeds, nuts and grains, was successfly utilised for regaining health.

The Cairns coastal region together with the Atherton Tablelands and Kuranda, offer access to one of the world's best supplies of fresh, ripe and exotic tropical produce.  Visit the famous Rusty's market in Cairns, the regional Tablelands weekend markets, farms and roadside stalls. Discover the dazzling array of colours, aromas, tastes and shapes as we collect and prepare selected local seasonal produce.

Fairyland House eco vegan retreat is dedicated to a 100% rawfood vegan cuisine; and with over 20 years experience in raw food living and preparation, your host Zalan Glen, will guide you on this exciting and creative journey in ethical, healthy and satisfying eating.  Experience the lightness and vibrancy of a natural raw food cuisine.

Sun on the outside, and sun on the inside!