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Our Natural Living Programs are designed to assist patrons to understand and broaden their living habits, leading to a rejuvenation, based on Natural Hygiene principles and tailored to meet individual needs. The programs are offered on a Live-In residential basis, and conducted by Zalan Glen, the Proprietor of Fairyland House eco vegan retreat.

Access is given to quality health information, Natural Hygiene books and magazines. with a varied Rawfood Library containing tapes and booklets from Herbert Shelton and Kenneth Jaffrey.  Our Fasting and Living Raw programs are offered on a regular basis, while our Rejuvenation Program is offered by request on a "One on One' basis, to fully address the whole person.

Fasting Program - An Introduction to Therapeutic Fasting - 6 Day Program

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This fasting program provides an introduction to therapeutic fasting, allowing you to undertake a three day water fast, during your six (6) days in residence. Both pre and post-fasting dietary guidelines are provided, and you can rest and relax in accordance with natural living principles.

A popular, readily accessible program, designed to strengthen and renew your self confidence. Maximum benefit will be gained by those participants prepared to dedicate a three week period for this instruction.

Living Raw Food Program - Transitioning - 6 Day Program

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Ever wondered what difference there might be between eating cooked and raw-food, and your response to that difference? Well here is the opportunity to find out. This in depth program considers our wholistic relationship to food selection, preparation and dietary transition.  Transformation occurs with change. The period of time associated with transformation, is often called "transitioning."  The program offers a supervised transition period for six days on site. We will give you the information you need to assist with your dietary needs.

One on One Program - Rejuvenation - By negotiation

Our One on One program is solely devoted to your self improvement.  We focus on the whole person; and although the day to day experience of a new dietary remains the practical means by which we relate change occurring, that transition is only a part of the overall movement in health and wellbeing status and self expression.  When normalised within ourselves, we become rejuvenated, we know that transformation has taken place.

Again, from J.Krishnamurti,"to be liberated from within, is to be liberated from all the compulsions without." If you are ready for rejuvenation, Contact Us and arrange an appointment.