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Wellness has many aspects, but is always inclusive of Health and Happiness. In our everyday lives, the busy modern lifestyle can readily fragment and overcome our rightful journey.  When living in a natural environment, wellness is naturally present. Wellness manifests readily as mind, body and spirit are brought into harmony. Our wholistic nature regains the balance and composure it deserves, which often remains latent in our daily lives.

We can help to precipitate wellness by consciously choosing a time for reflection and rejuvenation. The provision of rest and relaxation, then leads to a transformation in vitality and creativity; their manifestations being health and happiness, completing the circle of change back to natural wellness.  With its quiet and peaceful surrounds, our Sanctuary enables this feedback process to personal rejuvenation.

Our Natural Living Programs, offering residential stays and workshops, are designed to provide a means of access to our self healing nature.  We liken the flow of health in the individual to the flow of life in the yogic tradition. Natural Hygiene, Natural Foods, Rest and Relaxation; these three avenues are the cornerstones of healthy living, and the sisters of Creativity, Vitality and Transformation of yoga philosophy.

You can readily choose the access which best suits your needs at any one time, and there is a seamless crossover from a casual stay, to an assisted residential stay if you so wish. We look forward to your presence, as we take this journey of wellness together.

Creativity - Escape

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Just as creativity is at the genesis of life, a sound health philosophy is at the genesis of wellness. At the Sanctuary, we pursue and promote the philosophy of Natural Hygiene, a scientific approach, whose motto "Health Care is Self-Care" reminds us to be vigilant in our daily activity.

Natural Hygiene recognises the internal wisdom of the body, enabling natural health through presence rather than habit. This preventative measure allows one to circumvent sickness, to retain and maintain good health. By living in accordance with natures' principals, we are led to health through healthful living.  Start now by booking one of our Escapes!

Vitality - Workshops

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Vitality occurs as a consequence of right living; which itself, remains a work in progress. The provision of natural foods is a prerequisite for good health, with selection of quality fresh seasonal and local produce at the heart of a pristine diet. Vital foods lead to a vital persona!

In practice, we find no two people eat exactly the same diet, confirming that we have individual dietary needs. This exploration of natural foods to satisfy our individual needs, is an essential journey on the path to wellness. It is also a creative pursuit on the path to vitality.

Natural Foods
In his book, 'Natural Foods', Kenneth Jaffrey reminds us "From a practical viewpoint man's vegetarian nature can be proved by the fact that those who adopt a natural diet always improve their health, no matter how healthy they believed themselves to be prior to this." Further he states "If a person lived on the original diet of man he would necessarily and automatically become a vegan."

Start now on your path to greater vitality, by booking into one of our Workshops.

To enable your own experience, to help prepare the ground for your transformation, the re-collection of these facets of personal behaviour, patrons can book into a facilitated Workshop.

Rejuvenation - Programs

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Rejuvenation takes many forms, but it is achieved by pursuing and maintaining a change of habits and conditions, and we call this process transformation. As we adopt a new environment, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually; we move from one state of being to another, leaving the past with its barriers behind us. If we choose wisely, the organism will function and prosper in a better way.  In practise, the Sanctuary environment has offered a conducive experience, one in which transformation is known to have occurred, repeatedly, for many people.

"The purpose of living, is to become master of your environment," a statement attributed to J.Krishnamurti. It is not the world which changes, it is ourselves!

To assist the process of change, we offer access to our Natural Living Programs. These introductory programs, allow patrons to take control of their own care, and experience the changes for themselves.  Health Care is Self Care!