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These introductory workshops are designed for casual attendance, usually on a weekend, to provide training in Natural Living. Held on a regular basis, and also available by appointment; we need a minimum of five people and two weeks notice to prepare for these workshops. So if you are planning on visiting the Kuranda-Tablelands region with friends and would like a casual workshop, and a yummy meal with a gourmet vegan edge, contact us to discuss your needs.

LIVING RAW - An Introduction to Vegan Raw Food Preparation

Raw food Workshops

Australia’s climate zones traverse the whole spectrum of food production, ensuring a seasonal supply of fruits and vegetables for pristine health and nutrition. The colours, textures and flavours of nature’s bounty are never more evident than in the array of fresh ripe fruits.  Whether you are familiar with rawfood cuisine, and would like someone to help fill the gaps in your reportoire; or if this is your first rawfood workshop experience, and you are a raw beginner, there will definately be something here for you.

Rawfoods are often showcased with fancy cakes and gourmet dishes, while many people forget the basics. Two or three meals a day need to be prepared, they need to be  satisfying and creative on an ongoing basis.  We give you the benefit of a sustainable approach to rawfood preparation, a foundation to last you a lifetime.  So dont be backward in coming forward.  Contact us and join Zalan for a session, and find out what you have been missing in this wonderful dietary bonanza.

Content includes raw food selection and preparation, juicing, sprouting, fruit, salad and nut/seed dishes. Our practical experience with a rawfood dietary and transitioning, can assist you on your exploratory path. Debunk some of the fallacies about natural eating; "take-away"  some of the mysteries.

TUCKER BOX - An Introduction to Vegan Food Preparation


We are offering patrons the chance to join our experienced vegan chefs in our casual food preparation workshop. The creative preparation is based around the weekly organic food box, but gives it a genuine gourmet health food twist.  Local seasonal quality produce, fresh and tasty ingredients, the ideal basis for your creative urges to step in and have fun.  Of course you get a hands on experience and also serve your own meal.  A few hours thoughtful preparation, a casual meal and a yummy tummy!  We will purchase the local "Real Foods" tuckerbox, and keep going with you until it is empty!!

DESTINATION EDEN - An Introduction to Fruitarianism

Kveta Art Sydney

Based around the personal experiences of Mango and Kveta, this introductory workshop offers a rare insight into the world of fruit eating.  With over 40 years combined experience on a fruitarian dietary, your hosts can take you through the various elements of fruit purchase, selection, storage and preparation methods, leading to a high fruit content dietary regime.

Learn about the extensive range of tropical and exotic fruits available in this wonderful Far North Queensland region.  Experience a diet which not only sustains you physically, but incorporates the essence of a satisfying, wholistic living experience, ethically, sensory and psychologically.

Turn your kitchen and lifestyle into a Garden of Eden.  Bring happiness into your life; indulge in the sensuous and healthy activity of eating local foods when nature provides them.