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Fairyland House provides gourmet raw vegan food and comfortable accommodation to casual guests. and also operates as a raw vegan eco retreat centre, extending the use of the facility to groups in residence. The sanctuary provides a regular and diverse array of activities, and works in conjunction with a variety of groups and facilitators who wish to run their own functions, events, workshops and retreats.  A review of previous retreats we have managed, is available upon request, as a reference point for group facilitators and patrons.  Refer to the Fairyland House Vegan Retreat Calendar and Upcoming Events for details of current scheduled retreats.

The Kuranda premises is designed for accommodation and catering to small groups of up to twelve (12) participants.  The Yoga Room has adequate capacity for twelve or more yoga mats, with accommodation and facilities to suit groups in residence. Where casual workshop / function spaces for larger group numbers which do not have an accommodation component are required, our catering and dining, yoga and communal spaces can be extended to suit.  Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Retreat participants can take time to explore the herb and fruit tree garden, watch the sun and shadow play, spend time in the yoga or common room, make friends with other guests, watch and listen to the birds interacting, take a walk along the lovely Fairyland Road and rainforest path, or soak up the casual atmosphere and simply relax, finding a private section for reflection by yourself.

Rear Forest

I trust you will enjoy your stay, and I look forward to assisting you on the journey.  Visit Fairyland House and improve your health and disposition in a natural, peaceful way.