Events Timetable

Events Timetable

events timetable @ fairyland house life spirit sanctuary

All events are scheduled during School Terms, and additional events may be added during the year.  Yoga classes are casual attendance, however, Escape packages need to be pre-booked.

Yoga Classes

Feb-Oct: Tue, Wed, Thu 9.30 am -11.00 am - Yoga Room.

Rawglo Escapes

Feb-Oct: Mon, Tue, Wed 9.10 am - 1.30 pm - Trans North Bus Terminal.

Midweek Escapes

Feb-Oct: Three nights, (Tue, Wed, Thu)

Urban Escapes


See Calendar and Upcoming Events

Vitality Workshops

Living Raw

Feb 25/26, Aug 12/13 (TBC)

Destination Eden

May 13/14;  Nov 4/5 (TBC)

Rejuvenation Programs

Mar 18/19; Jun 3/4, Sep 2/3; Nov 25/26 (TBC)



4.30pm Registration

5.30pm Opening Circle

6.00pm Dinner

7.30pm Program Content

8.00pm Meditation

8.30pm Free Time

9.30pm Lights Out


6.30am Sitting

7.00am Yoga

8.30am Drink (Melon)

9.30am Session 1

11.30am Lunch (Fruit)

2.00pm Session 2

4.00pm Free Time

4.30pm Meditation

6.00pm Buffet (Salad)

7.30pm Teaching / Video / Discussion (Optional)

9.30pm Lights Out


6.30am Sitting

7.00am Yoga

8.30am Drink (Melon)

9.30am Review Teachings

9.45am Session 3

11.30am Fruit Lunch - Break

2.00pm Session 4

3.30-4pm Closing Circle